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FX from a AWSOME app. You can get it free on App Store. ENJOY.

(452) Tim's Toverneus & Vlooienmarkt Haul

Vlog 452, 13-09-2013. Intro gemaakt met de gratis iOS app Exploder Cam, linkje: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/exploder-cam/id551723363?mt=8 Er lijkt ...

star trek transporter and teleport App Pre Keyed Footage

teleport and use a transporter beam like they do in star trek. using A special effects website with free footage, and a cool app called exploder cam and a gun ...

How To Make Your Car Explode with an iPhone's Camera

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My time has come...

My bro disappears

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Game of Thrones — Theme Song Created in GarageBand [4K]

Apple released GarageBand 2.1.1 and with this update they added Pipa, Erhu, Chinese Drum Kit and a lot of new loops and features. If you're not seeing the ...